Overview in English

Brokkies is an e-newsletter in the Afrikaans language. It is primarily targeted at expats from South Africa and Namibia who are now living in New Zealand and Australia. The word 'brokkies' roughly translates as 'snippets', as in 'news snippets' or 'little bits'.

Brokkies has its roots in New Zealand. It's been serving its subscribers as a cultural, social and business networking publication since 2001. Its expansion into Australia is relatively new and growing. It also has a growing international readership, especially in Southern Africa as family and friends of expats also subscribe to 'keep up' with what their people are experiencing in their new country.

Brokkies is a great advertising medium through which to reach Southern African immigrants in New Zealand and Australia.

Brokkies assists people who are preparing to migrate to New Zealand or Australia by providing them with information and a network that is helpful during their research before the big move.  It also serves as a social contact medium and an advertising channel for small businesses, at nominal costs.

This newsletter is emailed directly to thousands of families, and subscription grows weekly. All issues are published on this website under the link 'Uitgawes' (Editions) and promoted on some other websites and social media, where many more people have access to it.

Please contact the editor if you have a need to advertise your product or service in Brokkies, by sending an email to info@brokkies.net. He will send you the advertising guidelines. Or, if you want to ask him a question or discuss anything, please use the same email address.